Senior Pastor Search Team

Karen Amundson - leads our Watchmen Prayer Ministry, is active in the worship ministry, and women’s Bible study.
The Amundsons have been members of HGBC for 21 years.

Duane Bechtold - is active in the worship ministry, deacon council, and is a charter member of Hunters Glen for 39 years. 
Duane also serves with Texas Baptist Men and has a strong heart for missions.

Caci McClure - is active in women’s Bible study and has two school-age children.
Caci assists with her LIFE Group and was a key leader in VBS. 
Caci has attended Hunters Glen for nearly 10 years and the McClures have been members for 5 years.

Dale McGilvray - is active in the women’s ministry, leads a neighborhood women’s Bible study, and is very missions focused. 
The McGilvrays have been members of Hunters Glen since 1987, over 34 years.

Sadhona Pulukuri - serves as both a greeter and at our Welcome Center. Sadhona also has two teens in the youth ministry.
Sadhona and her family have been members of Hunters Glen for 5 years.

Aaron Sword - is active in the worship ministry, grew up in a ministry-based home, and has two children in preschool.
Aaron has attended Hunters Glen for many years and has been a member for 2 years.

Joe Upton, Team Lead - is active in the worship ministry, the Ordinances Team, and has a small child in the preschool ministry.
The Uptons have been members of Hunters Glen for 4 years.

Search team Updates

April 2022

In early April the search team had a second face-to-face interview with a candidate, which included meeting the candidates wife. It was a good meeting, touring the church facilities, spending time together getting better acquainted.

The search team remained unified to continue the conversation with the candidate including a view of call. However, after speaking to the candidate, and asking he and his wife to take time to pray to remain committed, the candidate has informed us that he does not feel called to be our Senior Pastor.

As we continue our search and wait on God to reveal His man for Hunters Glen, we remember that…..

God is Sovereign – Psalm 103:19 “ The LORD has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all.”

 - God knows all things, past, present, and future. Because He knows all things, we can trust that his plan and timing is best.  The search team stands committed and unified in faith to continue in our search, trusting that God will reveal His chosen man to lead Hunters Glen at the right time.

 God is Faithful – Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

  • In our time of need, God sent Pastor Don to love us and lead us in transition. God knows His man for Hunters Glen. God is currently preparing the pastor for Hunters Glen while at the same time He is preparing us for His chosen man.

 God is our Good Shepherd – Psalm 23:8, the Lord says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.” Isaiah 30:21, “And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”

 - God knows us by name, loves us and leads us. We can’t tell you why our time with this candidate was cut short. We do know that we have asked God to close doors that need to be closed.  He has closed the door to this candidate and though we don’t understand it, we walk in faith knowing that His ways are higher than our ways.  We are grateful for the guidance that He continues to give us as He leads us down the path to His man for HGBC.  We are not alone in our search.

We are thankful for your prayers, your notes and words of encouragement. We serve a mighty God, the Good Shepherd that never leaves us and calls us His own. Please join us while we continue to  “draw near with confidence to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

February 2022

This month of February the team scheduled and had initial calls with each candidate The calls were very good to get to know each candidate and hear from his heart about his testimony, his faith, his calling and ministry, and get to know a little about his family and support structure.    

The search team has met and discussed what blessings came out of each candidates call as well as areas on which we would like further enlightenment.

The search team called references provided by the candidates’ as well as other persons who know the candidates and may have helpful information to provide to us.

The search team watched candidates sermons and had a time of discussion and evaluation.

Will you pray with us?   Not only for the search team but also for God’s man, his family, and his church.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom for each step in the path He leads us.
  • Pray for joyful patience. The team stands with you in anticipation, but in the meantime we pray for endurance and patience.
  • Pray for protection as the enemy is bound to do anything to get our focus off the Lord and His will.
  • Pray for clarity as we narrow down and pursue a single candidate; also for the candidate and his family as they make decisions about their future.

January 2022

As of January 15, 2022, the window to receive resumes has closed.

For the past several months, the Senior Pastor search team has prayed, reviewed, and discussed resumes.  

During the past month the team has taken our top tier candidates and narrowed down a shortlist for initial interviews.  By the Lord’s leading we have been able to narrow down the candidates by listening, watching sermons and considering social media accounts.

For the pastors that desire to be considered for the position, a Zoom call will be scheduled to provide answers to our first round of questions.

As the same time, the search team is finalizing the process regarding reference calls.

The search team wants to thank the church for the prayers you have offered and the encouraging words you have provided over the past several months.

Please continue to pray personally for each search team member, for the Pastor God has for HGBC, for his family, and for the church he is leaving. Pray for endurance and joyful patience; protection, as the enemy would love nothing less than to discourage and get us off our focus on the Lord and His will; that the Lord would make His man clear to the search team. Pray that God’s man and his family would be excited and unified in their calling to Hunters Glen.

November 2021

The Senior Pastor Search Team has been praying over and discussing resumes. In early October job posting were created on various Seminary alumni pages. Since that time we have been encouraged, and at times, overwhelmed with the number of resumes received. We are blessed and we thank God for the outpouring of resumes that are being reviewed. 

The resume expiration date is set to January 15, 2022. December is a busy month for churches and Pastors. Instead of closing the resume timeline on January 1st, we decided it was wise to give more time for Pastors to send their resumes. It is also a busy month for Hunters Glen, but the search team will continue to find time to meet, pray, discuss resumes, and discuss next steps in the process.

Be thankful for this search team. God’s hand is on this team since it’s inception. Each team member has been designed with special gifts, talents, and experiences and placed on this team for His purpose and the purpose of searching for our next Senior Pastor.  Each team member is fully dedicated, engaged, and loves spending time together. As one member said, it is encouraging to see the wisdom throughout the team. The Lord imparts wisdom and discernment and we are ever grateful.

We are encouraged by the search process; it is methodical and logical. While we look forward to God’s Pastor for us, there is no feeling of being rushed. There is unity in our search. We listen to each other and are not afraid to change our position, thus driving consensus.

We are encouraged by were we stand in the process. The window for receiving resumes expires soon. We continue to review resumes, but what is exciting is that we are starting to talk about top tier candidates; reviewing resumes again, ranking them in preparation for initial contact.

Our faith throughout this process solely resides not in our abilities, but in our Father God. We rest in your presence Father, in your will, and in your timing when you will reveal your man for Hunters Glen.


October 2021

It can’t be said enough how thankful the Senior Pastor Search Team is for your commitment to Hunters Glen and your desire to contribute when called upon. We asked for your input into the search process and you faithfully responded. Thank you, Church! 


It is important to hear from you, the Church body, as to how the Lord is speaking to you. It is also important to hear how the Lord is speaking through you to us, the search team.  The feedback you provided, especially regarding pastoral qualities God desires for our next Pastor, has confirmed that what the search team is hearing is the same as what God’s placed on your heart. 


God is leading us to a Pastor, a Shepherd, who loves, leads, feeds, and cares for his flock. The Pastor must preach and defend the Bible without compromise. He must be a strong leader with the ability to manage people and resources.  He must have a focus on evangelism and missions with a passion to share the Gospel with the lost both internationally and in our local community. Also important is that he must be a man of prayer. Prayer must not only be important in his personal and familial life, but he must have a heart to bring the Church to the throne of God in corporate prayer. 


The search team wants to share your feedback through a word cloud, a visual representation, of the main points the man God is guiding to Hunters Glen. 


Thank you Father for your presence in our life that leads us to our next Pastor. Our true help comes from you, our Creator God, who guards and guides us along this journey.  

September 2021

The Senior Pastor Search Team (SPST) has spent a great deal of time in prayer. We started laying the foundation for our search rooted in prayer and the building of relationships through personal testimonies.  

 From a process standpoint, appropriate access and training was provided so that the SPST can effectively communicate through shared documents and email. Time was spent praying over and discussing how best to communicate with Pastor applicants. Initial replies to all applicants have been completed. Any future resumes that we receive will receive the same communication. 

 The HGBC website was updated to include updates regarding the Sr Pastor search. 

A general timeline was created and will be updated on a regular basis throughout the search. A FAQ document of basic questions was created along with corresponding answers. The SPST understands that not everyone can attend HGBC business meetings. Therefore, regular updates regarding the search will be provided on the HGBC Sr Pastor website. To see the SPST updates, scroll down on the main page of and click on “Senior Pastor Search Team.  

 The SPST has spent a great deal of time praying and creating a church-wide survey. Proverbs 15:22 states, “Plans fail for a lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.”  We would be remiss if we did not obtain feedback from you, the church body.  

 Thank you for your response to the survey. The SPST is overwhelmed and encouraged by your response. The SPST is currently reviewing all survey responses. The team will create a Pastor profile based on the Pastor qualifications documented in the HGBC bylaws, the Sr Pastor Job Description, and the Sr Pastor qualities the Lord is revealing through the Church. 

 Please continue to pray for the SPST to have endurance, patience, and discernment of God’s will (Col 1:9-12).  Please pray for the Pastor that God is sending to HGBC and for his family.  Please pray for the church where he will be saying goodbye. 

August 2021

The Senior Pastor Search Team has been formed and has started meeting.  

The process of preparing the Senior Pastor Search Team to begin accepting and evaluating Senior Pastor resumes is a long process.

Please join us in praying for the Senior Pastor Search Team as they work through each step of the process

and diligently follow God’s leading to the man who will be our next Senior Pastor.