Children & Families

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Sundays in Kids Ministry

9:30 am

Babies-Kinder - Preschool Life Groups

1st - 4th Grade - Kid Life Groups

5th & 6th Grade - Preteen Life Groups

11:00 am

Babies-Kinder - Preschool Life Groups

1st- 6th Grade - Kid Life Group

Wednesday Nights in Kids Ministry

Wednesday night activities are back!

6:00-7:00 pm

Mission Friends and RAs/GAs - Kids learn about missionaries, pray for missions, give to missions and do mission projects.

Babies-2s - Care and learning

3s-Kinder - Preschool Choir & Mission Friends

1st-6th - Praise Kids Choir

5th-6th - Bible Study Warm Up

7:00-8:00 pm

Babies-K - Care and learning

1st-4th Girls - GAs (Girls in Action)

1st-4th Boys - RAs (Royal Ambassadors)

Division 56 - 5th & 6th graders come for fun, fellowship and the Best Bible Study Ever!

 From 7:00-8:00 pm we offer extended care and games for preschoolers for parents in choir, ESL and adult Bible study classes.


About us

God commands us to love him and to pass that love for him down to our children. In the children’s ministry at HGBC, we desire to partner with parents to diligently teach our children of God’s love and God’s ways. All of our events and programs seek to demonstrate to boys and girls that a love for God should be a priority for each of one of us.

Our desire in this age group is to provide a safe and loving environment as we teach biblical truths to preschoolers on their individual levels of development using a hands-on approach. Preschoolers learn by doing--building, painting, tasting, exploring, and playing as they learn biblical truths.

School age children are beginning to read and understand the Bible. We build upon the foundational truths taught in preschool to guide them to begin a personal relationship with Jesus.

5th and 6th grade students are in a time of transition - physically socially and spiritually. Our purpose in this age group is to help them transition from knowing God’s Word to using it to impact their world.


Our efforts include the following:

1. Every adult who serves with children of any age is required to complete a background check.

2. Two teachers are provided for each classroom.

3. Preschool activities take place in a secured environment. Access is granted only to teachers and parents who are dropping off or picking up their children.

4. Our automated check in for preschoolers also serves as a security tool. It provides labels for each child with matching numbers. One label goes on the child’s back, one is given to the teacher when the child is dropped off at class, and one is kept by the parent in order to pick up their child. Only the person with the label may pick up the child. Parents present the label at the classroom door to the teacher. The teacher will match the number to the child's label and release the child to the parent.

5. During worship, if a parent is needed, we will text or call the phone number given to the teacher at drop-off.

6. First time visitors will receive their child's label from the attendant. During repeated visits, they may check in their child using the touch screen stations.

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VolunteerChildren's Ministry

We have many opportunities to serve in the Kids Ministry at Hunters Glen from babies-6th grade on Sundays, Wednesdays and special events.