Serve the Church

Serve the church

If your are looking for a ministry to serve in.  Then you are in the right place. Below you will find all the opportunities that Hunters Glen has to offer.

Join the media team

There are a lot of opportunities to connect with media. We are looking for people to volunteer to run computers,cameras, sound and more.

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HGSM Student Leader

LEADERSHIP IS A CHOICE, and it's one I hope you'll make. Leadership isn't another program to attend. Our student leadership team isn't just for a select few.

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HGSM Volunteer

We believe the most important role in youth ministry is that of a volunteer.  You are those who intentionally pour into the lives of students through love, communication, and consistency, which is your primary function.

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Launching Food Drive

It was when Christ had redeemed us, and we in Him had received the position of children, that the Father sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts to cry, 'Abba, Father.' The worship in spirit is the worship of the Father in the Spirit of...

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Music Team Member

Worship team members must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that is consistent and growing through prayer, Bible reading, and church fellowship.

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Women on Mission

Women on Mission meet each month to pray for missionaries and participate in local mission efforts. Join them as they serve.

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