Worship with Everything

Worship with Everything

Series: Created to Worship

July 23, 2023

Speaker: Dr. Jason Atchley

Mark 12:28-34


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God created us to worship with both our heads and hearts.

Godly worship is not just found in thought or feelings but in the essence of our being.

The Shema is a declaration of worship.


1. Worship Him with All You Have

Love or worship is principally an action; not primarily an emotion.

Stephen Newman said, “When we enter a worship service, the question in our minds and hearts should always be; what can I give today in worship through my singing, listening and participation that will be pleasing to the Lord?”

God’s limitless love for us should drive out any lukewarm worship we may have for Him.


2. Worship Him by Loving Others

Believer’s Bible Commentary puts it: “We are to love God more than ourselves, and our neighbor as ourselves. Thus, the life that really counts is concerned first with God, then with others.”

And how I treat others is inseparably linked to how I worship God.

Are we able to adapt our worship wants for others?



3. Worshipping Him Draws You Closer to Him


Our love for Jesus must move us from just having some good feelings about Him to putting our faith in Him, to following Him, to living a life that worships Him.

If we actually love God, our lives will be transformed, we will put aside peripheral matters in order to focus on what is truly important…our complete worship of Him.


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