The Road through the Garden

The Road through the Garden

Series: The Road to Easter

March 12, 2023

Speaker: Dr. Jason Atchley

Mark 14:32-42


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Follow Along with the Message

Donald English explains, “Whichever way we interpret the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane the seriousness of the occasion must be underlined. It is not a drama acted out for the benefit of the faithful. It represents a real struggle by Jesus who alone on earth knew what was involved.”

The road through the garden required…



1. Support in a Time of Sorrow

Jesus wanted his disciples to be with Him during this emotional experience.

Sometimes our support for those during times of sorrow is to watch out for them. To remain by their side as they traverse the road through their garden experiences.


The road through the garden reflects a period of…

2. Struggle Through Suffering

Jesus’ request is not an opposition to his Father’s will. Jesus’s prayer is rooted in doing the will of the Father even if it leads to certain suffering.

The suffering in the garden produced the salvation of man.


The road through the garden resulted in a…

3. Sacrifice for Sinners

Jesus’s willingness to sacrifice indicates the depth of love he has for the Father and the depth of love the Father has for us.

Jesus went into the garden very sorrowful and now emerges strengthened for the sacrifice.

The road through the garden makes Easter more beautiful.


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