Display Humble Hearts

Display Humble Hearts

Series: 18 Summers

June 9, 2024

Speaker: Dr. Jason Atchley

Matthew 18:1-10


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Humility as defined by one person is “that grace that, when you know you have it, you have lost it!”

What does it mean to be the greatest in the kingdom?

We are called to become like a child in 18:3-4, we are called to receive a child in 18:5, if we are not careful we can cause a child to stumble in 18:6, and finally a failure in humility will lead one to despise a child in 18:10.


1. A   Heart is a   Heart.

The author of the book The Gospel of Matthew says, “humility is accepting for oneself a position on the social scale which is like that of children, that is as the lowest in the hierarchy of authority and decision-making, those subject to and dependent on adults.”



2. A Humble Heart     Hearts.

The NIV Application Commentary says, “Childlikeness is a characteristic of a true disciple, because it is only through God’s mercy that a person can enter his kingdom and find the greatness that comes from having one’s sins forgiven and being invested with kingdom life.”

The metrics we use to measure greatness are useless in the kingdom.

In a world obsessed with achievement, riches, and celebrity, Jesus calls us to be willing to give it all up to experience the best of the kingdom. 


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