Operation Christmas Child Boxes

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Operation Christmas Child is Underway!

That’s right it is Operation Christmas Child time. Time for our church to extend the good news of the Gospel to children around the world through something as simple as a shoebox. Boxes will be at each entrance for you to take home and fill with goodies that will bring joy to less fortunate children throughout the globe along with information about accepting Jesus. Deadline on returning the boxes will be Nov. 15. Don’t forget to get a pamphlet and carefully read the instructions on cost of shipping and what to put in box.

You can also contribute money toward boxes by check or online to huntersglen.org/give, "choose a fund" then select "OCC Boxes. Please mark OCC clearly in bottom left corner of your check. All funds collected will be sent to OCC where they will have a crew of volunteers fill boxes which cost about $25 per box including shipping. This way you do not have to go to a store or deal with items to place in the box. Whatever amount you wish to contribute toward this worthy ministry whether it be $5 or $500 will go toward placing a box in the hands of an excited child– without you having to leave the comfort of your home.

Event Coordinator Terri Herron

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