Adult Ministries

LIFE Groups at Hunters Glen

Do you want to grow to be more like Jesus Christ?  Do you want to honor Him with your life?  Come and be a part of our LIFE Group ministry at Hunters Glen.  Being a part of a LIFE Group will be good for your personal wellbeing, your family, and your relationships in all areas of LIFE.  Do you hunger for more of God’s presence in your life?  Do you want to have a close and intimate relationship with Him?  It's challenging to have a consistent, faithful, fruitful relationship with God when your family, friends, and co-workers are far from seeking the Lord or are satisfied with a mediocre lifestyle.

Our LIFE Groups at Hunters Glen are designed with you in mind.  We want to help you grow in your love and understanding of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for us.  It is our prayer you will come and learn with other married couples or other singles who have the same desires - to live out the purposes of God in their lives, Every day!

Our LIFE Groups are set up to create a setting where you will feel welcomed and comfortable. You can share your burdens, and support others during their hard times. It's also a fun place where you can get together with real people who desire to grow in Jesus Christ and with one another.

Come and be a part of one of our LIFE Groups this Sunday at 8:15, (empty nesters) 9:30, (all ages) or 11:00am (all ages). We can't wait to get to know you and your family!