Singles ministry


Singles ministry

Single Adult Ministry

The Single Adult Ministry at Hunters Glen Baptist Church exists so that every single adult that visits or attends Hunters Glen understands that God loves them and that He offers abundant and eternal life through Jesus Christ, His Son. A secondary goal of our ministry is that the lives of the people we serve, both in our church and our community, will be changed through our Christ-centered efforts. We will work to meet the needs of single adults in our community, always remembering the far deeper need of knowing Christ personally as Savior and Lord.
We offer weekly Bible studies, numerous social events, and leaders who are always available.The Singles Ministry at Hunters Glen Baptist Church cares for single adults of all ages, including those who have never been married, are divorced, or are widowed. We offer classes for both young singles as well as adult singles.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes

Mixed Blessings Location: Fellowship Bldg 2, FH-C @ 9:30 am
(Single/ Remarried Adults 40+) 
Adult singles and remarried with a seekers heart for service and others.
Providing J.O.Y.  Jesus First; Others secound ; Support for Yourself.

RENEW  Bldg 6, Rm 203 @9:30 am
(Singles 30+)
Renew with us through the word of God, fellowship, and outreach. Renew is looking forward to welcoming 30+ singles, single parents, divorced, widowed and spouses attending classes alone.

Abundant Living: Bldg 2, Rm 263 @11:00 am
Adult Singles with a heart to know god. Seeking to grow, serve & live life more abundantly!

CHOSEN  Bldg 2, FH - C. 
(Single Parents / Singles late 20’s +)
Leader: Carol Reynolds Teacher: Carol Reynolds
Encouraging Single Parents / Singles - this life is not easy, yet as God’s chosen people, we are holy and dearly loved, clothing ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Colossians 3:12

Gathering at the Glen


An event for singles of all ages and situations meetsevery other month (February, April, June, August, October, December) on Friday’s in building III.  This monthly pot-luck dinner, game and conversation night is a time to visit and network with each other in support pursuing God as a single person.  In conjunction with the “Dallas Christian Singles” organization and is open to all churches and other singles groups.  Events such as a “White Elephant” gift exchanges, “Christmas in the Summer”, “As seen on TV”, “Game nights”, door prizes, Karaoke and other activities to celebrate a safe and health experience for singles celebrating God’s grace.

Singles Ministry Resources

The resources listed below are available to all singles and support structures during the challenging and stressful time of life’s changing events.  Each link provides access to provide more information and resources for your use.  These programs are offered throughout the year depending on the demand expressed and time allocation.  Please contact Hunter’s Glen or the appropriate web site for exact scheduling or support.

Divorce Care FAQ