Wednesday Night Bible Study

The 4 Views

01.29.20 |

The Bible commands us to be witness to all people and give a defense to everyone who asks us; but how can you do that when there are so many different belief systems and groups out there? For us to be effective witnesses we must have an...

Witnessing to a Mormon with the Book of Mormon

01.22.20 |

Reach your Mormon friends by learning this counterintuitive approach that uses the Book of Mormon to show the problems within the Standard Works of Mormonism. Put the Book of Mormon to the test by examining the most popular LDS verse and...

Mormonism to Christianity

01.15.20 |

Mormonism is a growing religion that uses some of the same vocabulary but with radically different definitions. The saddest part of the LDS faith is that their own material teaches that salvation is impossible. However, many Mormons never realize...