What to Expect

At Hunters Glen you will find real people who live in a real world just like you. We have the joy of living in one of the most culturally diverse regions of the United States. From the moment you enter our campus you can expect...

People Like You

We strive to be a church that reflects the cultural diversity of heaven itself. Hunters Glen is a family of diverse people from diverse backgrounds. 

Hot Coffee

Church is not about the coffee, but it doesn't hurt to have some ready when you arrive. You might even find a few donuts as well!


Relationships matter. Regardless of your age, we provide places for you to connect with other people. Life is tough...God never designed for you to do it alone.


We love music, all kinds of music. If you like traditional worship and the hymns of the faith, then the 9:30am service is for you. If desire a more contemporary style of worship, then come check out our 11:00am service.

Biblical Teaching

At Hunters Glen we seek to view our world through biblical lenses. We are committed to verse-by-verse biblical teaching. The Bible defines who we are, shapes how we think, and governs what we do.