He's Worth Waiting For - Isaiah 40-28-31

He's Worth Waiting For - Isaiah 40-28-31

Series: Sunday Podcast

April 25, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Mark Howell


Dr. Mark Howell

Senior Pastor

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Isaiah 40:28-31

He’s Worth Waiting For Learning to wait does not come from a formula you follow…it comes from a foundation you stand on.



  1. Perspective. “The Lord is the everlasting God.”

The God who made “the” world is concerned about “your” world



When you look at God through your problems, He becomes small. When you look at your problems through God, they become small.



  1. Purpose. “His understanding is unsearchable.”

Waiting is not an activity that produces a result; waiting is a process that strengthens a relationship.



  1. Peace. “But they that wait for the Lord.”

The most merciful thing that God can do for us is to bring us to a place where He is our only real hope.



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