Giving Thanks for a Sufficient Savior

Giving Thanks for a Sufficient Savior

Series: Missions Month 2021

November 21, 2021

Speaker: Stuart Sumrall

Colossians 1:1-6


Stuart Sumrall

Minister of Missions & Evangelism

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The first century church in Colosse in Asia Minor had begun to add to the gospel.


  • They were practicing an early form or what would later come to be known as Gnosticism.


  1. Jesus Christ is the     for our faith. (v. 3-4a)


  • Sometimes what gets added to the gospel actually subtracts from the sufficiency of Jesus Christ.



  1. Jesus is both the   and the  of genuine faith.


  • He is the subject because we much know certain things about him in order to believe.
  • He is the object because genuine faith is centered upon Jesus and nothing else.



  1. Genuine faith is made   by a love that   Jesus’ love. (v.4b)


  • Agape-selfless love which reflects God’s character and priorities.


  • We do not love in an attempt to appease God’s wrath.  Rather we love because such love flows from a transformed life based on faith in Jesus Christ, who Himself satisfied God’s wrath.  The former is works.  The latter is an outworking of grace.



  1. Genuine faith is marked by a   that is   in the gospel. (v.5-6)


  • Not wishful thinking, but a confident affirmation that God will complete what He has begun, along with a confident expectation that God’s purpose will be fulfilled.


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