Share Your Story


Share Your Story

As believers, we carry the name of Christ with us into each of our spheres of influence.  When are hearts are set on obedience even "chance" encounters can become Gospel encounters.  When our eyes are open and our hearts are willing, daily encounters become God Stories as we share the name and love of Christ with others.

We want to hear your stories.  And we hope your stories will be an encouragement to others to be on mission house-to-house, in the neighborhood, in the city, and around the world.

Share Your Story and read other stories of encouragement below.


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What God Wants for You

Sphere of Influence: In The City ~ I see God’s incredible work weekly at the Closet ministry at The Hill. One of the first families we helped was a single mother who had absolutely nothing. She has recently been released from prison. To see her tears flow from gratitude in receiving used beds because now her and her kids no longer had to sleep on the floor was humbling. An Iraqi family also stands out. They came to the US a few years ago after spending time in a refugee facility. Typically these families come with the clothes on their back and what they can carry. They’re placed in an apartment and given money for food for a limited amount of time. We were able to provide donated furniture, household items and clothing. We have become their friends, sort of their American extended family. We’ve helped them walk through medical situations they didn’t understand. We’ve drank tea in their home when we delivered furniture. In appreciation they have given us a gift of a piece of fruit or a chocolate from their home land. They have volunteered with us which helps them with their English skills. Through donated items like Christmas ornaments and Easter decorations we’ve been able to share the meaning of Easter and Christmas. When they struggle we pray for them. A few have come to know the Lord. A few are waiting for their husband’s approval. Still we pray for them and with them as we show God’s love through our service.

Jeff A

Sphere of Influence: Around The World ~ We hosted 28 international students at a home group last semester. They were from China, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Iran, Jordan, Libya, and Syria. George, a believer from China, led the Bible study and Annie, a new Chinese student who had never read the Bible before or heard about Jesus, was fascinated by what she read and commented, “I am very interested in this book and in this Jesus and just want to study and learn more.” After the study, we were able to give her a Bible and it was so cool to see God clearly working in her heart.

Tera C

Sphere of Influence: In The City~I am currently mentoring a student at Sigler Elementary, and although I cannot share the gospel with him, there are ways that I can show this child that I genuinely care for him, and that my concern for him is unconditional. I began mentoring him last school year, but at the end of the year, he was suddenly withdrawn from the school by his parents. That was it; I went from seeing him each week, to wondering if I would ever be able to see him or have a conversation with him again. At the beginning of this year, I signed up for the mentoring program again, and I was told that he had been re-enrolled at Sigler, and that I could continue mentoring him if I wanted to..."Ummm, yes!" When I saw him the first week, he had a big smile on his face, and he gave me a big hug. Why? Why would an eight year old boy be so excited to see me...? To sit down and eat lunch with me...? When he could be eating lunch with his friends, instead. But, it's great . We laugh, we talk, we play games in the library, and every once in a while I ask about his day, or what he did over the weekend. And I learn about him. And I take those snip-its of information and figure out how I can best influence him in his little life. And I pray. I pray for him, his teachers, his family, and I ask my loving Father to use me to breathe love and truth into him. And I don't know why, but our 30 minutes together makes him happy and he feels special, and he at least deserves that.