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As believers, we carry the name of Christ with us into each of our spheres of influence.  When are hearts are set on obedience even "chance" encounters can become Gospel encounters.  When our eyes are open and our hearts are willing, daily encounters become God Stories as we share the name and love of Christ with others.

We want to hear your stories.  And we hope your stories will be an encouragement to others to be on mission house-to-house, in the neighborhood, in the city, and around the world.

Share Your Story and read other stories of encouragement below.


 Posted Articles

Dead Man Walking

Can psychics communicate with the dead? "Dead Man Talking" Find out what the Bible says about psychics and the occult.

A Christian perspective of the popular TV series COSMOS. The original PBS series featured Carl Sagan and the current series on FOX and National Geographic is hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The Story of the Cosmos

How the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

The 4 Views

The Bible commands us to be witness to all people and give a defense to everyone who asks us; but how can you do that when there are so many different belief systems and groups out there? For us to be effective witnesses we must have an understanding of what others believe. While there are literally thousands of different groups all proclaiming to have the truth; one can wonder is it even possible to be a good witness. The good news is that you don’t have to memorize what thousands of groups believe because they are all summed up in one of four views. This message will look at the major worldviews and how we can be a witness to everyone we encounter.

Reach your Mormon friends by learning this counterintuitive approach that uses the Book of Mormon to show the problems within the Standard Works of Mormonism. Put the Book of Mormon to the test by examining the most popular LDS verse and examining the geographical, archaeological, anachronistic, and DNA problems created in the text. Learn how historical and doctrinal issues plagues the BOM and how despite being labeled the “most correct book” there have been thousands of corrections made over the years.

Mormonism to Christianity

Mormonism is a growing religion that uses some of the same vocabulary but with radically different definitions. The saddest part of the LDS faith is that their own material teaches that salvation is impossible. However, many Mormons never realize that what the church is actually teaching. The scariest aspect of Mormonism is that for the most part they are good moral people; and this often attracts people to their religion, including people who attend Baptist churches. Mormonism will snatch up those who do not guard their heart and protect themselves and loved ones against false teaching.